Why we photograph our jewels in nature (and what’s coming next)

Why we photograph our jewels in nature

If you take a closer look at the pictures we’re sharing on social media you’ll instantly notice that almost every one of the jewels we capture has as a main theme the nature. Even some of the pictures we’ve uploaded onto our website has nature as a main subject, and that’s something we are very proud of.

Nature is not just the most beautiful thing in our planet, it also express every one of us, from the bottom to the top.

Did you know that jewelry is one of the oldest arts in the world? Did you know that before humans could even create clothes, they knew how to create jewels? Of course by saying jewels, we don’t actually mean rings and bracelets, but stuff made by silver, gold and other materials growing in our own planet.

Why we photograph our jewels in nature

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Think of it from another prospective: What is the only thing that make humans feel free and where the whole productivity thing comes from? The answer will always be “the nature.” When we’re surrounded by trees, we don’t just feel free, we are free. We don’t just feel productive, we do things better.

So as you can see, we love nature. We love being productive and create new things. We also love our clients, and we want them to feel free when they visit our website or any of our social media pages. That being said, nature was always our main subject for photographing our jewels.

Why we photograph our jewels in nature

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Today we’re happy to also announce that in the next coming weeks we’re gonna make available a few more new handmade jewels. We’re also going to make available our new Portfolio page, where you can see all the great stuff Angel made over the years.

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